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TechWrap Podcast – Episode 23

In This Week’s Episode: Galaxy Note 8 Launch ACCC putting ISP’s on notice for skeptical NBN advertising Uber gets a new CEO, talks with NSW Government to fill gaps in transportation The inability to be anonymous in China Quick headlines

Microsoft wants in again on social media

Social media is playing such a big part in our Internet usage these days,  with 15 million of our 24 million population here in Australia recorded to be on social media networking sites such as Facebook as of March 2016 (ABS Statistics). Given the incredible interest on the …

Legislation paves way for surcharge crackdown

When it comes to purchasing tickets online or a coffee at the favorite spot in town with the credit or debit card, we’ve been hard pressed to find a way of getting out of being charged for the transaction fees that the vendor is charged to make our …

Uber a no go for NT

The battle for more market share in Australia for service provider Uber has reached the end for now in the Territory, with news this week that the government does not have any interest for legislative changes to allow it to operate legally. Decisions on the companies fate in …