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Jed Board Electric Skateboard [Pre-Production Preview]

Excerpt from ‘TechWrap the Podcast’ where we talk about my experience with the Jed board: The Jed board is a fairly new board to the electric skateboard scene joining the likes of Evolve, Boosted, Inboard, Enertion Boards, Baja Boards and even the budget friendly Meepo Board. I’m deliberately …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 25

  In this edition of TechWrap Podcast: -Apple’s new range of phones/watches and Apple TV. -Will gives us a lowdown on the Jedboard powered Skateboard. -Google Street View opens to contributors -Uber bans in London. -GoPro releases the Hero 6 -Quick headlines of the week

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 23

In This Week’s Episode: Galaxy Note 8 Launch ACCC putting ISP’s on notice for skeptical NBN advertising Uber gets a new CEO, talks with NSW Government to fill gaps in transportation The inability to be anonymous in China Quick headlines

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 22

In This Week’s Edition: We talk all about the Technology & Gadget Expo, which Will had the pleasure of attending….he shares with us some neat gadgets and chats with some of the exhibitors. Potential changes in the European web space with the government looking at the idea of …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 19

We are back in the game after a hiatus, both of us so glad to be talking tech together again! In this episode of the podcast: We talk the brand new website and what it means for you Google Home launched in Australia last week, Trent has been …