HP Announces Battery Recall

Image Credit: HP

Image Credit: HP

Recalls do not seem uncommon these days, given the demand for products & the turnaround required to get them to market in order to satisfy the end users purchasing the items.

The most recent recalls in the tech sector came from Microsoft & Apple with some Adapters & Leads that did not meet safety standards, the latest from HP surrounds batteries shipped and distributed for Notebook computers in their product ranges.

If you own a selected HP laptop shipped between March 2013 & August 2015, you could have a battery shipped which has the potential to overheat…posing causing a fire hazard.

The laptop models includ HP Compaq brands, retail sold Envy & Pavilion along with the commercial ProBook models.

HP has put together an easy to use website which will allow you to either download a tool to detect your model or enter some model information to confirm whether your laptop model is affected, you can find it online here.

If you confirm that your model is affected, it is recommended that you plug your notebook into the AC power adapter and proceed to remove the battery, using mains power primarily until a replacement can be delivered to you.

Given I have recommended and used HP products in the past, I can trust that replacement batteries will be shipped rather quickly to those people affected.

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