Will.I.Am joins the smart watch game with Puls

Image Credit: Press Release

Image Credit: Press Release

Not to be outdone by those manufacturers already in the smart watch  game, Will.I.Am has gone before the DreamForce conference in San Francisco in the last week to announce his latest tech device called the Puls.

The Puls unlike some of the current run of smart watches is promising the ability to read natural voice commands unlike Siri & Google Now plus it can do all the phone functions like sending SMS & Emails, play  music, check social media and even make calls…all without the need to have a mobile phone synced to the device.

To keep the street cred going on the Puls, Will.I.Am is also planning to release a line of jackets, backpacks and shoes to complement the design.

The only thing that won’t seal the deal for most tech savvy people is the battery life…coming in at 5 hours, which isn’t even a complete workday for most people.

Partnerships for mobile services in US and UK have been announced, but there is no date for release or it’s availability in Australia as yet.

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