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TechWrap Podcast – Episode 15

15 down wooo! This edition of the podcast includes: Discussion on how useful the new Apple iPad Pro is Mo Recognition Garvin Institute using smartphones to crunch research data How technology played a part in helping over in France Plus Quick Headlines of the week.

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 10

We made it to Episode 10…weeeewwww! This week: We wrap up all the hype from the Apple conference Talk about Apple Watch/iPad Pro/Apple TV & of course Apple 6s/6s+. If that’s not enough we talk Adblock Quick headlines of the week!

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 8

This Week on the podcast: Double demerits considered to stamp out phone offenses in vehicles for QLD Google Maps is testing food pic sharing Android lock pattern studies find insecurities Trent joins the Apple Watch train plus our Quick Headlines!

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 7

This Week on the podcast: UK survey revealing the devices we miss the most Hacking stories in the media this week Siri saves a blokes life Samsung gives 30 day trials in the US Spotify changes terms….plus “Quick Headlines”

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 6

After a week of leave Trent returns to the scene, the gents discuss: Samsung’s latest moves The idea of no more bendgate for iPhones Cubans accessing content online via sneakernet Audi planning an electric vehicle….and more.