Meepo NLS Pro – 30% more power 60% more range

The most comfortable ride Meepo has to offer just got even better. Meepo just came out with the new and improved MeepoBoard V3 boasting 30% more power than the previous generation so too the NLS got an 30% upgrade to power as well. They also have a new battery boasting 60% more range compared to the previous generation NLS.

Highlights include:

  • Shredder Trucks with awesome riding experience
  • Durable. SHR upgraded PU that lasts for 3000km
  • 540 Watt per hub motor.
  • 1080 Watt Meepo FOC by Hobbywing (ESC: Upgraded from Meepo V2 ESC to hobbywing ESC)
  • Battery: Meepo ER battery (10s2p 40T battery with 60Amps discharge and 8Ah capacity.
  • Remote: NR remote with flashlight.


Full specs:

Skateboard: 38″ Length I 9″ Width I 32.5″ Wheelbase
Top Speed: Up to 26 mph/ 42 kmh
Range: 20 miles/32.18 km !
Hill Climbing: Up to 30% Grade
Board Weight: 18.8 lbs/ 8.5 kg
Rider Weight Limit: 250 lbs/ 113 kg
Trucks: Shredder Trucks
Power: 2 X 540 Watts
Remote: NR (night ride) remote
Ride Modes: 4 Ride Modes
Wheels: 100 mm X 58 mm 78A
Motors: 100 mm X 55mm 78A
Charging Time: 2.5 Hours
Braking: Regenerative Brakes (22%)
Warranty: 6 months



More information to come as the NLS pro starts to roll out. Also keep an eye out shortly for our Meepo V3 Review.




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