Zenboard kickstarter CANCELLED!

It seems the Australian based electric skateboard with no remote wasn’t able to keep up with the fierce competition in the electric skateboard market. After a promising start on kickstarter the campaign has now been cancelled reaching only $37,889/$75,000 funding goal.

I think the major factor here was an electric skateboard that does not have a remote is not really a big selling point for a lot of people, if you have ever ridden a e-board you know you want that fine control of your speed via a remote, it’s reliable and you know exactly how much speed or brake you are going to get once you know your board.

Having to worry about speed and braking by moving your body as well as trying to carve and balance is just too much and why we probably won’t see any popularity in any e-board that doesn’t have a remote.

Writing in a kickstarter update:

“Unfortunately, due to events beyond our control, we will be canceling our Kickstarter campaign and putting the project on hold for the foreseeable future.        

We appreciate your support and will do what we can to move forward from here.”

Zenboard promised a lot – “Zenboard is a sleek electric skateboard with no battery bulges or exposed motors offering a well-designed skateboard and a top speed of 40 kmh with a range of  35 km.”

Looks liked it was too good to be true. We have reached out to Zenboard for further information on why they cancelled the project and if they will continue in the future.

You can view the cancelled campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/69574478/zenboard-the-electric-skateboard-reinvented

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