Zenboard launches Kickstarter for flagship hands-free Electric Skateboard

Zenboard Technology launched a Kickstarter campaign for its flagship electric skateboard. The Zenboard is remote-control free, ultra-light and thin, and uses proprietary weight-sensing tech for intuitive riding and enhanced safety. The board starts at $1,799 AUS (approximately $1,300 USD).

The brainchild of a young surf-loving engineer out of Australia, the Zenboard weighs in at just 6kg (13 lbs) and is just 17mm thick. It has 2300 watts of power to go 40km/h (25 mph) and has up to 35km (22 miles) of range. Designed to mimic the zen of surfing a wave, the board is instinctual for easy riding – users need only lean forward to accelerate and lean back to brake. Most riders become comfortable with the board’s controls in just 1-2 minutes.

Founder Jacques de Kock is a 23-year-old mechanical engineering and commerce student at Monash University who recently completed the Monash Accelerator Program.

“As a surfer, I feel like a better person each time I hit the waves,” said de Kock. “Zenboard is inspired by a desire to bring that feeling to land via an electric skateboard that’s easy to ride. After two years of careful construction, design and forging relationships with top manufacturers, suppliers, and seasoned engineers, I’m excited to bring this board to the Kickstarter community.”

Zenboard is designed with safety in mind. It combines hidden sensors and smart algorithms to measure a user’s weight distribution more than 1000 times per second through a proprietary system dubbed FlowControl. The system allows the board to instantly detect and respond to changes in balance, reducing the risk of falling. The board is hands-free, meaning there’s one less device to charge and no dangerous issues with synching or connection. Safety is enhanced further courtesy of an intelligent braking system that brings the board to a full step once a rider steps off, even downhill. Zenboard also has integrated LED lights for night time riding.

The board uses ArcDrive™, a gear-assisted, in-wheel motor system like nothing else currently available on the market. Its’ 3:1 gear ratio gives three times the torque of standard in-wheel motors, making it easy to climb up to 30% grade hills.


Constructed with durable carbon-fiber, the Zenboard uses unique one-piece construction. The minimalist unibody deck provides a sleek waterproof exterior that encases the electronics and battery while ensuring the board is both light and strong. It comes in two style options, Matte Carbon Black and Matte Artic Grey.

The board also has four different modes, 1) Beginner, with easy cruising and subdued acceleration and braking, 2) Eco, to get the most of the board’s battery for maximum range, 3) Pro, offering a balance of speed and range, and 4) Ultra, offers max acceleration and braking, for experienced riders.

“Right down to the wheels, which are made of soft, grippy urethane rubber for a smooth ride, I designed the Zenboard to be an electric vehicle, engineered to go thousands of miles,” says de Kock. “Unlike cheaper boards, we use LiFePo4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery cells for power and speed, while ensuring our board is environmentally friendly, stable, and safe.”

The Zenboard is available today on the Kickstarter platform with an estimated delivery date of August 2019.

You can visit the  Kickstarter campaign Here.

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