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TechWrap Podcast – Episode 16

The two blokes who love talking technology! On this podcast: Ford driving skills for life shows effects of drug driving Cards Against Humanity makes money for free on Black Friday Younger age groups are higher targets of cybercrime than any Cyber bullies targeted overseas….and more!

Popular ad blocker now taking kickbacks

Touted on it’s website as an Open Source community based project that is the most popular browser extension, Adblock Plus has been winning some fans over the last few years as a tool to cut down on the frustrations of the online advertising world. The extension is used …

Microsoft tightens portable dominance

In a move which has surprised many followers of the software giant Microsoft, the company has announced today that the suite of Office apps for iOS (Word/Excel/Powerpoint/OneNote) and a preview edition for Android will be available completely free to use for any user from today. The applications have …

Ultimate banking control at your fingertips

In this technical day and age there is nothing like having a little bit of control for your financials at your fingertips, especially since the country had over 11 million smartphones in 2013. Commonwealth Bank has been at the forefront of digital development for it’s range of banking …