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Google warns it’s Android users of battery hogging apps

Google has warned it’s user base to be on the lookout for some suspect applications on the Play Store platform. The current range of applications are battery drainers through the process of an embedded background advertisement. If you have any of these apps you might want to delete …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 19

We are back in the game after a hiatus, both of us so glad to be talking tech together again! In this episode of the podcast: We talk the brand new website and what it means for you Google Home launched in Australia last week, Trent has been …

Paris attacks highlight how technology connects

The terror attacks in Paris on the weekend were a series of tragic events that no human should have to endure, which sent the country into a national state of emergency and mourning in the hours after. During and immediately after the events, Internet based service providers were …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 8

This Week on the podcast: Double demerits considered to stamp out phone offenses in vehicles for QLD Google Maps is testing food pic sharing Android lock pattern studies find insecurities Trent joins the Apple Watch train plus our Quick Headlines!

Google maps changes allow food photos

Google has been making some extensive changes to it’s Maps platform along with new features for it’s apps that run on Apple’s iOS and Google’s own Android OS. Along with one of the changes that has made global attention, is a feature that will allow Food photography to …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 5

This week: Google+ on the progressive chopping block Bricks & moater retailers in the UK doing trade in’s for phones & tablets Windows 10 launches this week The dodgy knockoff manufacturer that got busted in China for fake iPhones.  

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 2

This week Trent & Will talk about : Apple Music Launch Google Maps adding railroads Yelp calls Google out for cheating UberBoat Battery Improvements They introduce a new segment “Quick Headlines” and much more.