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TechWrap Podcast – Episode 26

After a little bit of a hiatus, the lads are back and podcasting! -Will gets a new Karakoram2 Sublime Wallet and tells us about his new MeepoV3 electric skateboard -Trent is on Android, no longer on an Apple iPhone -Huawei has been in the news a lot lately, so …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 25

  In this edition of TechWrap Podcast: -Apple’s new range of phones/watches and Apple TV. -Will gives us a lowdown on the Jedboard powered Skateboard. -Google Street View opens to contributors -Uber bans in London. -GoPro releases the Hero 6 -Quick headlines of the week

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 23

In This Week’s Episode: Galaxy Note 8 Launch ACCC putting ISP’s on notice for skeptical NBN advertising Uber gets a new CEO, talks with NSW Government to fill gaps in transportation The inability to be anonymous in China Quick headlines

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 21

Join us for TechWrap Podcast – Episode 21: In this week’s episode we talk about: One of Australia’s largest supermarket chains rocked by processing woes. A contributor to password security admits password policies are not all that grand. Bail for one of the key people behind the malware …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 20

In this edition of the podcast: Apple drops hints to what could be expected in new models coming out later this year. Uber drivers causing some challenges overseas. Spotify hits the top of the streaming music game for paid subscribers. China and it’s VPN bans. Telsa Model 3 …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 1

Welcome to the first TechWrap Podcast. Trent & Will sit down and share passion for technology and have put together the first of many Podcasts to come. In this episode we chat about: Government legislation to allow blocking of International websites in Australia The Russian who implanted an …