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Tech Chat Roundup W/C 27/10/14

A selection of this week’s radio conversations from across the country. If you are keen on the idea of a tech chat for your radio show, drop me a line and we can get something happening.    

A tech improvement to the humble travel case

I don’t go traveling that often, but when I do the idea of packing stuff into a suitcase with minimal protection and no way of easily locating it should it go somewhere other than the regular conveyer belt at the airport concerns me a little bit. Being tech …

Will.I.Am joins the smart watch game with Puls

Not to be outdone by those manufacturers already in the smart watch  game, Will.I.Am has gone before the DreamForce conference in San Francisco in the last week to announce his latest tech device called the Puls. The Puls unlike some of the current run of smart watches is …