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TechWrap Podcast – Episode 19

We are back in the game after a hiatus, both of us so glad to be talking tech together again! In this episode of the podcast: We talk the brand new website and what it means for you Google Home launched in Australia last week, Trent has been …

TechWrap Podcast – Episode 5

This week: Google+ on the progressive chopping block Bricks & moater retailers in the UK doing trade in’s for phones & tablets Windows 10 launches this week The dodgy knockoff manufacturer that got busted in China for fake iPhones.  

TechWrap Podcast- Episode 4

Trent & Will got back into TechWrap after Will spent a week away up north enjoying some warmer weather. This week- Western Australia talking adjusting regulations for Taxi’s & Uber Drones making the news Discussion about Pluto closeup images & exploration of other planets 3D Printing & Windows …

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Plans

If you are a seasoned Windows user…you might have gathered that version 8 of the popular operating system that is distributed with current systems was a bit of a flop for the American company. Significant changes were made to the User Interface for Version 8, which included moving …