A little bit from the Apple camp this morning

This morning’s news hype in the tech world surrounds Apple and it’s new releases…I’m on radio chats across the country talking about what has happened, so here’s a few dot points:

  • New stuff coming to the Watch with WatchOS, including being able to set your own watch face photos with WatchOS 2 coming out September 16
  • iPad dubbed the future of computing by Tim Cook
  • New iPad pro, 12.9 inches which is larger than the iPad air which is 9.7 inches, it has a keyboard and now takes stylus input (dubbed pencil)…seem to think they’ve taken inspiration from where Microsoft has gone with Surface 3 Pro’s…unfortunately they charge a heap for the stylus.
    iPad pro can run 2 apps side by side while holding horizontally.
    Same size as a Macbook, as fast as a computer.
    Promises 10 hour battery life
    Great new apps to support features like force touch on the new iPad.
    Base model 32GB from roughly $1500
  • Updates to the iPad Mini becoming model 4, same insides as a model 2 Air…nothing for the Air this time
  • Apple TV is a big focus this year with a re-designed remote & unit with the remote communicating via Bluetooth and having charging capability
  • Has the ability to take voice commands for siri. They promise that you can talk to siri like a person with a command like “show me animated movies”
  • There is indeed strong focus on Siri functions being able to control the majority of the function on the apple TV this time around.
  • Apple TV now has TVOS which has a refreshing interface design and allows all the stuff you have done with the product in the past, plus Apple Music and services like Netflix
  • TVOS allows developers to now build applications for the Apple TV, demos were shown at the conference of some great game developments and the promise of a port of games like Guitar Hero.
  • You can now shop from the Apple TV
  • Comes to Australia in late October and look at a higher price tag from the old Apple TV($109 to $220 roughly)
  • Dubbed “a foundation for the future of television” by Apple.
  • Doesn’t display 4K video though :S


  • iPhone of course was what people came to the event expecting and it was left till last.
  • Crowd was reminded that the iPhone sales grew even higher with the release of the iPhone 6/6 Plus and they wanted to build upon this with the new launch of the 6S and 6 Plus S
  • The sizes do not change of course, the build quality is improved as pre-empted by tech heads well before the press event.
  • New colours with Rose Gold coming into the range and a new finish. New accessory added with a dock coloured to suit the phones
  • Improvements to the front cover glass, they say it is stronger than ever…but I bet people can still break it!
  • With the Siri addition to Apple TV, siri is also going to be an always available feature for the iPhones so you will be able to say ‘hey siri’ no matter whether it is plugged into power or not
  • The most advanced iPhones ever, with a focus on being able to shoot quality photos and videos…to the point of being able to take 4K high resolution video.
  • Apple promises a 12megapixel camera with focus on more quality features built into the camera to give a better picture.
  • The front camera has been improved as well and now uses the display as a flash
  • Phone recognises force with new 3D Touch feature that allows you to quickly navigate from home screens, in apps and change between apps
  • 3D touch allows previewing in apps like Mail, Text Messaging and even apps like Instagram so you don’t have to navigate through app screens to take a quick look.
  • A new feature dubbed live photos which allows you to press on a picture and see it move…apparently takes a frame before you snap a photo and a frame after automatically and adds audio to the mix to make it a visual delight.
  • A reminder about how great the video quality is.
  • Full phone specs include:

3D Touch

7000 series aluminium

Strongest cover glass

64-bit A9 chip with M9

2nd-generation Touch ID

LTE Advanced and faster wi-fi

4K video

5MP FaceTime HD with Retina Flash

Live Photos

  • Pricing is to stay the same as the current generation of iPhone.
  • Introducing a new feature in the US which they will roll out worldwide and probably annoy telcos with which will allow you to go to an Apple store and setup a monthly payment plan to be able to swap up to the next model phone any time one comes out and all the phones will be unlocked. Includes AppleCare+.
  • Pre-orders for the new iPhone start Saturday, phone is out on Sept 25 which is Friday fortnight.
  • The latest version of iOS is available from mid next week for both iPhone/iPad

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