Adele’s label snubs streaming media

Image Credit: Album Cover

Image Credit: Album Cover

The world has been going bat crazy for Adele thanks to the release of her new single “Hello” in October and the full album release on Friday of last week.

If you use streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music and have been keen to listen, you may well have noticed that it has not been on the sites at all.

The recording label behind her recordings, XL Recordings has decided against the idea of releasing the record at this stage on the providers…opting for a traditional CD release and owned digital download on sites like Amazon and iTunes Store.

A canned statement from the recording label to the media in recent days acknowledges streaming audiences make up for 24 million of her fans and indicates that a release to the services will be “Very Soon”.

Given the traditional values of many recording companies around the world, the idea of adopting a service which delivers¬†$0.001128 per listen per track to musicians has not been something they have been keen to lunge at…despite the abilities of growing fan bases worldwide.

At the moment, the not being stream-able thing is not costing her a cent…as the album “25” was snapped up in large CD volumes last week.

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