Amazon employee gets off with tech gold

Image Credit: Amazon Media

Image Credit: Amazon Media

For a sophisticated online retailer like Amazon it is hard to believe a story like this one was able to occur.

The companies Indian branch has been the target of a clever tech theft by one of it’s former 21 year old employees to the tune of $17,000.

It is alleged that while working in the Dispatch department of the company, the employee placed orders for himself for smaller value items and packed the boxes instead with similar weight tech items like iPhones, iPad’s, cameras & high end watches so that the packages passed standard security systems held by the company.

Once he received the orders at his residence, they were resold on the black market for a lesser value.

While it’s not clear how long the Amazon employee had been getting away with the theft, Police were swift to act on a tipoff that was provided about his activities.

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