America has Black Friday…but we still get the bargains

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So you might have noticed that yesterday America had Black Friday…it’s regarded by many Americans as the start of the Christmas Shopping season and much like our Boxing Day it follows a major celebration day in the country which is Thanksgiving.

Thanks to the Internet and the fact that some brands are happy to get as many sales as they can from these specials, we can get the bargains as well.

It’s a good weekend if you are in the market for the well executed and pleasantly priced OnePlusOne smartphone…usually only available if you have an invite or are living in China, but this weekend you can get yourself one of these for less than $500 invite free and before Christmas.

You need to visit the official OnePlusOne store to order online.

If you are a bit of an audio nut like me, an incredible offering has been made by Waves Audio who are designers of popular ProTools plugins.

For US$199 you can get the entire Gold package which include the widely used C1 Compressor/Expander & L1 Ultramaximizer as well as some other fantastic plugins, usually worth $800 in that bundle.

You can find the Waves Gold promotion at their webstore.

If you do go hunting for other bargains online while taking advantage of the American weekend, remember that not every online retailer is going to honor the specials due to our geography…a few disgruntled people from the UK have sparked this one through the media outlets.

Happy buying!

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