FBI-Apple encryption dispute over….for now

Image Credit: AppleFollowing months of back and forth conversations, demands and court cases…authorities have stepped back from a demand given to Apple for assisting in a recent case.

The case surrounded a key piece of evidence, one of Apple’s iPhone 5C mobile phones which had been alleged to be used by one of the suspects in the San Bernadino attacks in December.

For the last couple of months, authorities have been suffering a struggle with being able to obtain data off the phone due to the security features the devices have to protect sensitive information in average cases…however Apple have challenged the case on grounds of the implications that could potentially challenge users in the future.

The update comes as the authorities have been able to locate someone capable of being able to find a way of getting into the device.

While this may be reprieve for the Tech Company, the issue of security and what the governments should be allowed to obtain from an individuals device still stands…it is certain to be continuing conversation for all concerned about privacy.

Image Credit: Apple


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