Apple Watch exceeding demand before release

Image Credit: Apple Press Official

Image Credit: Apple Press Official

Apple knows how to market products to the masses…it’s proven every time they release a new phone or tablet.

The Californian company has outdone themselves yet again with the release of the Apple Watch and it hasn’t even made it to sale yet.

Pre ordering for the Watch that does more than just telling the time went online on the 10th April and within a week had created a 1 month backlog on orders.

According to data obtained by Slice statistics from customers electronic reciepts, there has been up to 1 million pre-orders in just the Unites States alone.

The average purchase is a Sport Edition with the rough cost of $503.83 per unit.

Taking into account the amount of purchases in the US, the company is now unlikely to sell any of the new smartwatches in retail stores on the release date of April 24th.

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