Australia’s Love For Streaming Video Grows

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While not something to be majorly surprised of, our love for streaming video on demand services in the country is growing at a strong rate with confirmation of the growth from research conducted by Roy Morgan Research & Telsyte Australia.

The country now has more than 11% of it’s population signed up and actively using the streaming service providers, quite commonly opting to use them more actively than Free To Air television networks and traditional Satellite platforms.

International provider Netflix is leading the pack with well over 1,800,000 subscriptions in the country, followed by Australian developed and launched products Stan at 332,000 then Presto with 142,000.

Aggressive advertising campaigns to increase awareness of products along with geo-blocking restrictions enforced by Netflix has spurred the numbers jumping onto Stan & Presto, alongside the demand by consumers for more TV Shows rather than key interest in movies, with room for further membership expansion over the year to come.

Telsyte predicts that our online subscription providers will double their numbers by 2019…which could begin to place a nail into the coffin of the Satellite subscription provider Foxtel should they not evolve further to bring viewers back to the platform.

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