Bad tech habits behind the wheel top “What Drives You Crazy” Survey



Queensland motoring association the RACQ has this week released a survey which covers behaviours that all users of the road despise, called the “What Drives You Crazy” survey.

As terrible as it is, there are no surprises for our obsession with technology and the fact that we bring it into the vehicle and then use it as we are driving.

Coming in at the number one position was Using a handheld telephone to SMS or make calls while driving.

It’s quite insane that people do not weigh up the fact that they could either kill themselves & other road users while using them on the move as the driver…or end up with a nice fine plus loss of demerit points.

If you really insist that you need to be making calls or sending text messages while you are in the control of a vehicle, modern technology in cars of today commonly allows for Bluetooth connections so you can operate your device using voice recognition and over a speaker…preventing any angst from other road users.

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