Boosted’s new mini electric skateboard starts at US$749 (~AUD$960*)

It’s been quite some time since Boosted released their first electric skateboard back in 2014. Almost 4 years later they have released the biggest change to their board line up. A mini version of their widely popular long board is about to hit the market at a very attractive price point. Boosted are credited with pioneering electric skateboards into the wider market and have been known as the gold standard of electric skateboards with their exceptional quality and ride performance.

Boosted is planning on shipping two variations of its new mini board: the US$749 (~AUD$960*) Boosted Mini S, and the Mini X at US$999 (~AUD$1280*). The boards come in at 29.5″ long compared to the 38″ of the long boards. (*Note: The AUD price is a straight conversion from USD and does not reflect the final retail price of the boards in Australia which will likely include GST and other factors that will affect the final price)

Difference between the Mini S and X come down to top speed and range.

         Mini S                   –                       Mini X

Top Speed – 29 km/h            |        Top Speed – 32 km/h

Range – 11 km                  |             Range – 22 km

Compared to the long boards you get less range and top speed but you gain portability which is huge for a lot of people, and not to mention the price point making owning a boosted board more affordable than ever. These boards now compete with some other electric skateboard manufactures price points which is great. If you are looking for an affordable electric skateboard to get you around town or have some fun on this new price point is really attractive compared to the ~AUD$2000 price point of their regular boards.


Here is a comparison of the whole new line up:



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