The CeBit Interviews: Rick from YourLink – Connecting Seniors With Life

Image Credit: YourLink Website

Image Credit: YourLink Website

While wandering the exhibition floor around the startups section of CeBit 2016 on the Monday, I started a short conversation with a guy who gained my attention curious to know where I was from and what I had been attending the event for…not knowing this was to be a little bit of a blessing in disguise for myself and the person I was to meet.

After introducing myself and mentioning how I was in the media, spending my time finding out what was on show & hoping to interview some people for content…I was introduced to Rick Hollingworth.

Rick is doing what many people have managed to miss in the application development scene for mobile and portable devices, spending his time targeting seniors in the community with a tool that they feel comfortable using which can connect them with service providers, events happening in the community and a secure communication tool to friends/family members.

Together with his business partner Richard Scenna, they have already launched a platform that has backing of several large organisations along with key Shire Councils in the state of New South Wales.

The application is available for free and you can find out more on the YourLink website.

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