Celebrating the device that changed digital music listening

Image Credit: Apple Press

Image Credit: Apple Press

The device that revolutionized portable digital music listening celebrated it’s 13th birthday last week.

October 23 2001 was the date Apple’s former CEO the late Steve Jobs unveiled the device, a hard drive based digital music player named iPod to a small crowd at a keynote conference.

iPod was Apple’s first foray into music players following it’s first version of iTunes for the Mac and after a few years of evolution, the player grew to become the mainstream choice.

Had it not been for Apple’s designers in association with semiconductor company PortalPlayer and software interface company Pixo, the product may have never got any further than it’s first release.

Interestingly enough, the product name was also conceived by a freelancer as well who was inspired to name it iPod after comparing the white colour of the unit to an EVA Pod from 2001: A Space Odyssey .

Throughout the product’s history there has been 5 models, with at least 5 generations of each spanning over 5 years of product evolution.

While the product is still popular and available in Shuffle, Nano & Touch, Apple has phased out the Classic due to it’s lower volume sales.

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