Crazy Russian engineer implants NFC

implant003I love the fact that I live in the age of NFC Technology being used more widely in cards these days, it makes things simpler by expediting the way we process transactions…but one crazy young Russian Engineer has gone a step further & taken the NFC to his body to rid the need for fumbling.

Young Vlad has extracted the NFC chips from both his Public Transport & Office cards, placed them in Silicon similar to that used of Breast Implants then had surgery to place an opening on the outside of his hand in which to locate the chips.

The scar is enough to turn the average person off, but gives the Engineer great delight with being able to open Office doors plus ride Public Transport with minimal fuss & certainly no fumbling.

Now that the experiment has paid off, Vlad is hoping to extend to his other hand and placing an NFC chip from his Credit Card so he can bring a true form to the idea of contactless technology.

WARNING: The video below contains some graphic content, viewer discretion is advised.

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