Dodgy iPhone business busted in China

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I wouldn’t have to tell you about how countries like China & Thailand are a great place for finding brand ripoff items at prices that are hard to imagine.

China has been playing this game for years with reproducing electronic items, often without a care or concern in the world….except of course if you start copying the world’s largest tech company.

Recently Police in China uncovered one of the countries largest operations when a batch of the dodgy phones were on the way out of the country bound for the USA.

The company in control of the operation was fronting the public as a tech repair firm, but behind all the smoke and mirrors had a full factory with multiple production lines and hundreds of employees.

It is claimed that the company managed to produce more than 41,000 of the phones and other tech goods this year to the tune of $19.4 million US dollars before the Police uncovered the operations.

Right now it would be a good time to remind you that if it looks too good to be true on eBay or a tech goods website…then it probably is when it comes to the big brands.

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