Simple, detailed energy usage monitoring with Smappee

Image Credit: Smappee Website

Image Credit: Smappee Website

Monitoring your home energy usage is not a new thing, but with no change in the pricing of electricity and continual rises in our living costs…the idea of being able to get detailed information is a fantastic thing, especially when the product is simple to use and can be tracked from anywhere.

Smappee monitors the electrical interference in your home to learn unique signatures of your appliances so you can pinpoint usage without the need for guess work.

Installation is the process of getting a sparky to install the clamp cable into your metered electricity line, after this you can connect the other end into the Smappee device, power it up and begin your monitoring.
Information from the device can be accessed via simple to use apps for your iPhone/Android & Tablets. The information will show you total energy usage and allow you to break it right down to individual appliances so you can understand where, when and how much you use in an average day as well as keep a record for future use.

Another great feature for this device is the ability to add “comfort plugs” which are Smappee controlled power controllers for appliances which can be triggered on and off by programmable patterns or a simple on or off through the app.

The system is available now for $289 including delivery from

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