Emoji Icons could replace traditional passwords

EmoticonIconXEmoji Icons are all the rage of today, created back in 1998 by an engineer in NTT Docomo in Japan with the idea that they were a feature that could make the network stand out among all of the competitors in the country for those younger mobile users.

Today a UK software development firm who specialises in development for the Banking sector has unveiled a system which would allow the use of the Emoji icons to replace traditional pins and passwords, with benefits to both the user and security.

Because Emoji icons use multiple characters, allowing a user to select a 4 icon pin from a set of 44 Emoji’s would allow 480 various combinations and deter hackers from being able to guess password based on common number and word combinations.

Benefits also continue on to the user, with an existing University Of Toronto study indicating proof that humans can remember images better than words.

At the moment the company is in talks with the banking sector for considerations.

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