Facebook making newsfeed changes

Image Credit: Facebook

Image Credit: Facebook

Mr Zuckerberg’s  Facebook empire likes to continue to innovate and adapt to feedback in an effort to both appease and gain more revenue from it’s membership base.

A new set of updates to how we view & interact with items within the newsfeed of our profiles is taking shape and due to roll out in a matter of months to an international audience.

The focus is turning back towards the people that matter most to us…our family and friends. Content that is posted by the people you care the most about will be given priority display in the newsfeed, meaning they will appear in higher positions within the newsfeed rather than scattering them.

Experience for those users with less friends/less pages added to their profile will be enhanced with multiple postings from common users that were previously filtered to restrict excess posting within feeds will be relaxed.

There is also a change for those of us who may dislike viewing content from businesses that friends and family are attached to in the form of likes & comments, with these postings getting demoted to the lower sections of the newsfeed.

At this stage no official date has been set for the global roll out, with US switching over as soon as the website changes go live.

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