First legal drone delivery made in the US

Image Credit: Flirtey Twitter

Image Credit: Flirtey Twitter

There has been so much negativity floating around the world in the last few months when it comes to drone use, mostly in part down to people who have not thought about about obvious privacy or safety concerns before operating the unmanned devices.

With all the fires that have been ravaging areas of Virginia in the United States, some rough and mountainous areas of the region have been suffering the negative effects not only in the damage caused but people requiring emergency supplies and treatment.

Up to 3,000 people have been camping out for medical care in the region, making the traditional method of delivery by car next to impossible…aside from the usual constraints of rugged, bumpy and heavily damaged roads which make the journey a 90 minute ride.

With the use of a customly designed 3D Printed tether attached to a suitability equipped drone, autonomous delivery company Flirtey was able to gain regulatory approval to start a delivery run for medical supplies from a regional airport to affected medical centres in the area in less than half the time it would have taken to drive to the location.

The key difference in the approval all comes down to the fact that the Drones in this situation have been flying over vastly underpopulated areas so chances of these sort of deliveries occurring in other areas are improbable moving forward for at least the near future…but seriously how cool?

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