Google, the new victim in the iCloud hacking wrangle

Image Source: Apple iCloud Website

Image Source: Apple iCloud Website

Google is starting to cop flack from the celebrities involved in the nude-image hacking scandal that involved Apple’s iCloud service in the form of cease and desist letters.

News today has surfaced that Google has been sent correspondence from a group of attorneys acting on behalf of the celebrities citing Google as a conduit to the nude images that have been distributed throughout various public fronting websites online.

It’s understood that the celebrities are apparently not impressed with the time it has taken for Google to take down links to the content in it’s search engine system and the correspondence has indicated that this conduct was “despicable and reprehensible”. The attorneys also claim in the letter that Google has been “making millions by having the material available”.

A Google spokesperson has indicated they are taking steps to remove the content, that it usually happens in hours instead of days and that the Internet is used for many good things…but stealing people’s private photos is not one of them.

While Google backs the opinions of the people involved in the saga in regards to retaining privacy of these materials, the reality is if you have something that you wouldn’t like paraded around the main street of town, then you should keep it offline.

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