Keen Consumers Flock To TGE 2016

Image Credit: Victorian Government

Last weekend was the first major opportunity for consumers to indulge in a large offering of New Tech & Gadgets with the highly promoted Technology & Gadget Expo 2016 in Melbourne.

The two day event showcased the latest developments for the Virtual Reality scene, with game designers and interactive development companies previewing their achievements to huge waiting lines with Samsung Gear VR plus the emerging winner of the game…the Vive from HTC.

For those who are not within the price range of the coveted Tesla vehicles, there was one on display along with some passionate staff to show people more.

Demonstrations of various options of drones were on show…with the latest in commercial filming rigs impressing a few keen photographers in the crowd (might have even made this keen technologist want to own one), along with CASA providing information sessions on drone usage in Australia.

Telstra who was the exhibitions major partner showed off it’s latest offerings in regards to making any average house a smart connected home, with a package they are hoping to unveil shortly that will include smart lighting/temperature control/security & surveillance that can be purchased much like a mobile phone or tablet from the licensed stores in the country.

The event also showcased the first Internet Connected hearing aid which uses the If This Then That cloud automation platform to connect common devices like doorbells to the hearing aid through the use of bluetooth pairing on a mobile phone, reducing the amount of complications for those who use the devices.

Overall the event was quite successful for it’s first year, with hopes for the event to expand for 2017.

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