Leatherman bringing cool back to multi-tools

Image Credit: Leatherman

Image Credit: Leatherman

Last time I looked at a multitool for my collection, I never imagined the idea of carrying it with me like my phone and wallet every day.

Traditional devices currently on the market could be portrayed as nerdy considering you usually need a belt pocket to carry them around.

Developers of the Leatherman range have finally taken these thoughts into  consideration and brought their range of tools into the current age with a planned release of the ‘Tread’ multi functional tool.

The stainless steel unit looks a lot like a great looking watch band until you take a closer look at it.

Within the links of this bracelet you will find Hex Holes, Screwdriver Tips, A Cutting Hook, Carbide Glass Breakers and a Bottle Opener.

You can slip the links up to make use of the attachments, or simply remove links from the bracelet to gain better access of each tool housed within.

This should make your trips through security in airports and public places easier!


At the moment they are due later in the year, with 2 variants being available…one of those being an intergrated watch.

Expected retail is around $199.

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