Locating veins with simple gadgets

Image Credit: Red Cross Blood Service

Image Credit: Red Cross Blood Service

Our Australian arm of the Red Cross Blood Service has been doing a wonderful job in testing some new technology which is set to make the idea of a blood donation more comfortable for both new and returning donors.

Traditionally to find veins the process has been somewhat uncomfortable with a tourniquet needed to wrap the arm up and some squeezing to expose the veins…as well as a nice warm arm!

With the help of infrared technology, Blood Donor staff can create a vein map on the donors arm thanks to the oxygenated red blood cells absorbing the light from the devices the Sydney centres are trialing.

The technology is safe for trained use and a combination of 2 infrared technology devices are on trial multiple donation centres in Sydney.

They are being used on a combination of 300 first timers and 600 returning donors between 18 and 30 to rate their effectiveness in the process of setting up a blood donation.

Should the trial be a success, the organisation is quite keen to roll them out nationally….with the hope that more people may warm to the idea of saving lives if less pain is endured during the process of donations.

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