London fashion week collaboration of a different kind

Image Credit: Acer Press Release

Image Credit: Acer Press Release

Fashion events are the perfect place to show off items with bling since there is always plenty of media swarming around the place.

Acer went with this idea to show off their Iconia Tablets in a glittery pink sombrero created by fashion designer Christian Cowan Sanluis. The main function of the Sombrero Tablet is to allow the wearer to take 360 degree selfies with the device.

Included with the combo is a version of the hat for everyday use, because let’s face it…..this would be impossible to wear down the street in an average day.

If that’s not enough there was also a sombrero case for those who wanted something smaller.

All sombrero’s went on sale at the London Fashion Week event in limited numbers.

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