A medical dressing for a cure

Image Credit: Bath University

Image Credit: Bath University

Wound infections are not only a horrible thing to have, but are a challenge at the best of times for doctors to be able to diagnose appropriately without removing dressings…which depending upon the situation can be next to impossible.

Treatment in some cases is served by a broad spectrum antibiotic, which can end up being unnecessary….but on the other hand those that can’t be removed can lead to longer time in hospital while time is taken on healing and further diagnosis.

Scientists in the UK at the Bath University have been working on a product to identify bacterial infections quicker so that treatment can be dealt with more effectively & for their works have been awarded just over 2 million dollars by the countries Medical Research Council for testing.

The product comes in the form of a see through medical dressing which contains a florescent dye that can be released from tiny capsules when toxins from the wound are given out by bacteria.

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