NASA finds early warning benefits in common smartphones

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Every day of my life I am extremely thankful for the technology that we have available to us…and the people who are working to make the world a better place with the stuff we have available.

In a most recent edition of the Science Advances journal, NASA has produced some research that they have been undertaking in being able to operate an early detection & warning system for Earthquakes using a Smartphone network.

The system uses GPS Sensors found in popular Smartphone brands and takes data from a widespread network, averages the results received and can alert those who need the advice quickly over the mobile phone network…much like our Australian warning system that has been implemented in recent years.

Based on the testing that has been conducted, this system can only currently detect and warn about earthquakes that are of a magnitude 7 or higher.

While the results published are currently limited in what is currently detected, with further development the system could be very beneficial for areas that cannot afford to implement expensive scientific grade equipment and warning systems and help with preventing loss of lives in a major earth movement.

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