Secure keyless doors are reality with Kevo


Image Credit: Kwikset Press Release

Seems quite hard to believe but bluetooth enabled devices around your home that help you with your everyday functions have already been around for some time…there’s bluetooth garage doors, lightbulbs and even airconditioners…but no one has taken on the front door before Kwickset and their latest release the Kevo Smartlock.

From the outside it looks like any old standard barrel lock, but with the downloading of the Kevo App and pairing to your smartphone or the use of the included fob…a simple touch of the barrel opens the door within seconds.

There’s features which allow you to give out time limited guest “keys” through the mobile application to your mates who are coming over for the night or even tradies that need to do a few jobs while you are out of the house.

It’s a battery powered option using 4 AA batteries which enables easy installation into an existing barrel lock positioning, comes with a set of traditional keys for backup and includes a plastic fob for non-smartphone access

The Kevo Smartlock retails at $329 and will go on sale across the country in hardware outlets like Bunnings from October 1.

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