Play Store: App Changelog – We need consistency!

There is something satisfying about having all your apps up to date. There is nothing more enjoyable then waking up, opening the play store and seeing if there are any new design changes or quality of life improvements for your most beloved apps. There is only one problem. Not all “patch notes” or change logs are created equal and there is no consistency when it comes to guidelines or rules stating you must display what you are changing in your app when you push an update to the play store.

Now I’m not saying to put down every bug you fix or behind the scenes code improvement that people wouldn’t understand or care about… just give me something, anything, to make me feel like updating the app is worthwhile.

Here is an example of the worst offenders “Information not provided by developer”… they can’t even be forgiven for having a small dev team or a single developer who doesn’t have the time to write out patch notes every-time the app updates.

Billion Dollar companies don’t have time for change-logs:

I’m not asking for much, just some consistency when it comes to what needs to be displayed, some simple text on what the update entailed. Here are some examples of developers doing it right and what I think is a good standard for others to follow.

Adobe – Clean, clear and precise, good work:

VLC – an all you eat buffet of changes, nice, I know exactly what’s going on:

Of course, not all release notes need to as detailed as that, just give me something other than “information not provided” even this line from google makes me feel better about an update:

I saved the best for last, here is KFC using the change-log box for anything but what’s it’s intended for, and a perfect example of why we need consistency when it comes to publishing app updates:

Sorry KFC, but I hung around and read your lame app release notes.

I understand not everyone cares about change-logs so what’s the point? Well that’s what it’s suppose to be there for and besides that it’s just nice to know what has been changed in an app you might use everyday as well as showing active development.

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