Popular ad blocker now taking kickbacks

Image Credit: Adblock Plus Website

Image Credit: Adblock Plus Website

Touted on it’s website as an Open Source community based project that is the most popular browser extension, Adblock Plus has been winning some fans over the last few years as a tool to cut down on the frustrations of the online advertising world.

The extension is used to block a group of advertising techniques including banners, pop-ups & video ads.

In recent times there has been suspicion that the developer has been allowing some advertisements to filter through from some of the larger worldwide advertisers, including the likes of Google/Amazon & Microsoft which has been confirmed by the Financial Times.

Companies that wish to be excluded from content blocking are making payments to the developer to be included within a Non-Intrusive Advertising category which essentially houses a white list of advertisers that match a selected criteria.

The good news from the bad news is that if you are a user of this software, the feature can be deactivated so you can continue to browse the Internet in peace.


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