Recycling technology when our needs change

Image Credit: Planet Ark Recycling Week

Image Credit: Planet Ark Recycling Week

Planet Ark’s National Recycling Week is happening this week, a good reminder of how beneficial it is to ensure we are recycling as many of our household and business items as we can in our usual waste cycles.

It’s a great time to remember that there are several programs available around the country to recycle large amounts of the electronics that we consume and waste in our modern lives.

Two of the best known schemes involve the recycling of Printer Cartridges & Mobile phones, both of which you can find in every Australia Post outlet around the country, also several consumable & phone shops provide these bins where the ultimate of the process is the breakdown and recycling of components for new goods.

For common electronic items, many councils around the country provide facilities to drop off eWaste items like old televisions, PC’s (remember to wipe hard drives securely before disposing), computer peripherals, stereos and other items with circuit boards for free or a very small charge.

If you’ve got something that isn’t worth scrapping completely, turn to websites like eBay & Gumtree or mobile trade sites Mazuma & Cashaphone where you can easily sell the items for some cash return and reuse by someone who will find value in your disused item.

Perhaps you are a person who doesn’t feel completely comfortable selling on those sites, then there are groups on facebook in many local areas that offer simple buy/swap/sell options that attract no advertising charges and most importantly…the transaction happens in real life with cash exchanges and no delivery charges.

Consider looking around your house this week to see what you can recycle or share with others for reuse….it’ll make you feel great!


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