Sleep experts calling for ‘bedtime mode’ on electronic devices

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You would be hard pressed in your average circle these days to find someone who is not connected by at least one form of modern technology.

We use computers, tablets & mobile phones in our daily lives for both work and enjoyment…and we know they are becoming more of a hindrance in our lives as our desire to be consumed by them continues.

Did you ever stop to think about the problems they may be causing to you in the bedroom?

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in our brains to aid in the regulation of our body’s awake and resting periods.
The hormone thrives on darkness to produce, hence why we find a good nights rest in complete darkness.

The desire to take a mobile phone, tablet or watch TV in bed is presenting more bright blue light than our bodies can handle & contributing to the delay of Melatonin release…damaging overall health gradually through lack of sleep.

Studies in the UK have found that while the obvious solution would be to turn them off before even considering sleep, this idea is challenging to some & has called for the idea of a ‘bedtime mode’ to be applied by hardware vendors.

The mode would allow the changing of colour tones in the display (much like f.lux software for Windows) to reduce blue/green emissions along with brightness to counteract the sleep damaging lighting sources but still allow use of the gadget of choice.

While it is a big ask for manufacturers to provide something like this, the implementation is not complex & could be rolled out with minimal fuss.


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