Stapling without the staples

Image Credit: Kokuyo Worldwide

Image Credit: Kokuyo Worldwide

This is the kind of simple technology innovation I like a lot…and for once it has nothing to do with electronic gadgets.

Many of us still print off dozens of pages of paper in our average working week (so much for the whole idea of paperless offices) and out of those dozens of pages, some of them would be collated with a staple.

If you are like me and you get given paperwork to make your mark on and return, then you like to take a scan for your records and that means removing the staple then scanning the document….instant frustration for me because I know they will want another staple there once it has been archived.

Enter the Kokuyo Harinacs staple-less stapler. This thing has a set of serrated metal teeth that when punched into your documents instantly bind the corner of the pages in a crimp style method.

Don’t want the pages binded together? Simply run a hard object like the back of a pen over it to separate the pages all over again….like magic!

The release of these staplers is happening in early November and you would be expecting to pay $15.

Sign me up for 5!

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