Staying up to date this fire season with your smartphone

Image Credit: Emergency AUS/RIPE Intelligence

Image Credit: Emergency AUS/RIPE Intelligence

For many areas of our wide brown land of Australia, it has already been a corker of a start to our summer bush fire season.

If you are living in bush fire prone areas, you should already know about how to be prepared for any activity in your area…but you probably have not considered how your smartphone can assist with the part of keeping you up to date.

Many of the emergency services are moving with the masses and communicating more and more online, which means there is apps that you can download for your mobile phone to find out information on emergency events in your area.

The states of New South Wales, Victoria & South Australia have official apps you can download to receive a pocket style listing of events that are listed in their online systems which you can check at any time.

What I have unfortunately found is not every state’s app provides the ability to push latest event info in your area to alert you when you don’t know of an event developing.

An app that covers it all and in fine form that I have been using this season is the Emergency AUS App from a third party developer by the name of RIPE Intelligence.

Emergency AUS covers all aspects of the emergency services reporting and also allows users to flag Observations for other users to take note of in areas of interest.

You can create watch zones around your local area to be alerted to any event that might occur with the application closed and best of all the data is current and flowing as the events are reported online by all the emergency services in the country.

It won’t set you back any money and it’s available on your favourite app store.

You can find out more information on the app here at the developers official site.

REMEMBER: In the event of an emergency event in your local area, you should never rely on a single source for updates.
The smartphone application is only one component, you should also tune to your local emergency radio broadcaster or call information lines provided in your state for the latest information.

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