Technology & Gadget Expo 2017 Wrap Up

The Technology & Gadget Expo is a 2-day event that took place on the 19-20 August 2017 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. In it’s now second year running, the event promised to be twice as big as last year with more tech and gadgets than ever before. I have to say they lived up to the hype and delivered a bigger, better experience than last year.

This year saw two big test tracks where you could ride electric skateboards and a second area where you could ride and try out electric bikes and other ride-ables. There were also two drone areas with drone races, there was virtual reality areas, augmented reality and countless other tech and gadget exhibitors. All and all it was a great event and a heap of fun to walk around and explore and talk to the exhibitors.

A few exhibitors caught me eye and I was lucky enough to have a chat to them about their product.


“The world’s first full fidelity headphones. Designed by doctors and engineers to give you an experience like never before.”



“The Auggd platform enables the seamless delivery of augmented and virtual reality experiences through your own, white labeled mobile application.”


Coros Frontier Smart Helmet

“These unique features Coros is offering will allow the cyclists to enjoy their ride by listening music, radio and podcast and keep themselves connected with their family and friends while they are riding. The most important part is that you can still hear everything around you at the same time.”



Train your dog to play fetch with himself.

Some other notable mentions for me were the range of electric skateboards from Bajaboard, Jedboard and Evolve. The Blaze night vision range or products and Scorkl allowing you to breath underwater for a bit longer than you would normally be able. There were countless other exhibitors we talked to and hope to talk about them on the website and podcast, maybe even do some video reviews so keep an eye out.

I’m looking forward to how TGE will top this years event and see if they can go bigger and better again for 2018.

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