Telstra spills the beans on Valentines Day free data

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As reported in the media last week, Telstra suffered from a major network outage on Tuesday 9th February due to a procedural fault in a seemingly normal network maintenance window conducted during the day.

During this time many customers were unable to make/recieve calls or texts for several hours, making some challenges for businesses that relied on the network to deal with customers.

From Wednesday of last week, the network provider announced the incentive of free unmetered downloading for Valentines Day in the 24 hour window for all customers on postpaid/prepaid services.

From reports released earlier this week, customers were delighted with the result. The network reached weekday peak traffic levels by 8AM & climbed rapidly until mid evening.

At the end of the free period, customers had downloaded 1,841 Terabytes of data over the 4G/4GX network.
For comparison that’s the equivalent of 2.3 million movies, 5.1 million episodes of Game Of Thrones or even 23 million single CD downloads.

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