The CeBit Interviews: Homer from Phillips Speech Processing Solutions – Working Dictation For Everyone

phillipsdictationI’ve found in my time of working with technology that many speech recognition solutions have been hit and miss with being able to convert from voice to text much of what I have to say at times when I haven’t really wanted to type it.

For the amount of money I have shelled out on the various software solutions in the past for Windows and mobile, it has really disappointed me and I’ve not rushed into using them much again.

Development in the last few years has improved my opinion of the systems with Apple releasing Siri and Google releasing features on their devices/browsers…but I still find they are challenged by the Australian lingo.

Wandering around the halls at CeBit found some curiosity in what Phillips was offering, with a simple site showing off an Android powered personal note taker along with some great Cloud based software, I spent a few minutes finding out some more and giving a unit a test run thanks to my time spent with Homer.


The best part about this platform is the fact you can try it out for yourself, visit for a free 30 day trial and some dictation minutes so you can evaluate the product for yourself.

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