The end of an era for early online streaming service

grooveshark_logo_verticalBefore the success online of music streaming services Spotify and Pandora, there was another player by the name of Grooveshark.

The website started in 2006 as a paid service morphing to free and laid claim to having millions of songs ad free available on any internet connected device.

Things were not so rosy during it’s time, with much criticism about whether or not the company had licenses from rights holders and because of this was the target multiple lawsuits from recording companies.

Defeat was in sight for Grooveshark just last month, following some successful legal action from EMI Music North America.

The owners of the website pulled the pin on Friday, with a notice on the website reminding visitors or their original goals and apologising for not being able to secure licencing for the music they held on the website.

Grooveshark has already wiped clean records of copyrighted material in the closure, plus given up all it’s online platforms.

Update: With a closure of this scale and the topic surrounding the legality of music use, the website has been in keen sights of piracy groups online and an author known as “Shark” has brought 90% of the library back online using a website

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