Twitter blocks government agencies from data

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The question of how much user data should be accessed by government agencies is up for debate again in the US with a recent move from Twitter to block Government Intelligence agencies in the United States from accessing  a widely used data mining service of which it partly owns.

Speaking anonymously to the media, an insider of the social media giant revealed that the company took action to prevent access of data to government agencies through the Dataminr, on the grounds of appearing too close to US Spy Agencies by providing the service.

Dataminr currently uses public tweets to sell breaking news alerts to media organisations and government agencies for non-surveillance purposes.

The move to block the US intelligence agencies could escalate the continuing public privacy versus government security tensions between Tech firms and the US Federal Government, as questions to the legalities of using the data with intelligence agencies is a continuing battle of concern in the country…all beginning with the FBI versus Apple encryption dispute where FBI was denied the unlocking of a mobile phone held as a piece of evidence by the federal authority.

I am rather satisfied from the end user point of view that the tech companies are valuing the retaining of data to some degree and challenging the ideas Governments have on how much they should be able to obtain without legally challenging individuals or businesses.

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