UK Government plans to simplify website T’s & C’s

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A large majority of us do not spend enough time reading through terms and conditions before clicking accept and moving on with our signups.

Most commonly terms and conditions documents are multi page monsters with complex wording and consent to allow the website in question to do almost anything with some of the information that they might collect while you are signed up to their site.

More often than not these days the social media platforms are pushing for more rights to content that you are creating on your profiles so that they can have items to use to promote and manipulate their website for the ultimate goal of building the empire they are operating from.

Some smart individuals at the UK Government’s Science & Technology Committee have been looking at the extent that websites go to these days in writing the documents that accompany your online signups.

Members of this Committee are presently working with the countries Information Commissioner to attempt to at least get websites contributing to an Information Standards page on the

UK Government’s websites, where customers can visit to find out in simple terms the way in which the companies plan to use personal data upon signup.

The process will be voluntary but many companies may be guilt tripped into the process of being involved so that they can feel socially responsible about the way in which they are looking after their users online.

Here’s to hoping other governments from around the world can take a lead from this idea.

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